Kamis, 29 September 2011

TV Thai Foto Model

Here's a selection of photos of beautiful Thai fashion models who pose in various stages of semi-dress for fashion shoots, magazines, fashion shows and at exotic tropical beach locations in Thailand. Most models are based in Bangkok "Fashion City". Models' features span the range of exotic Thai beauty, from the tall fair skinned Chiang Mai look to the northeastern tan skinned hottie look, to the central Bangkok region with its mix of many nationalities. With apparel designers and retailers pushing all types of clothing, the models appear in everything from bikinis and sarongs to exotic creations, sometimes of questionable taste, but usually quite sexy. Favorite beach locations for swim suit shoots include Phi Phi Island and Phuket as well as other beautiful beaches in the south of Thailand. Often the models are well known actresses from Thai movies or TV. With Bangkok being promoted as Fashion City many celebrities want to get in on the fashion craze and pose in the latest designer wear. And there are so many beauty pageants being run almost weekly that amateur girls, college girls, almost any good looking young lady off the street has a chance to be discovered and end up in one of the fashion magazines. Most Thai models are slender or skinny young girls but there are some busty asian girls too who need a larger bra size or bikini top.

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